Woodland Wellness Certified Holistic Practitioner

The world needs more healers now and you are one of them – it is no accident that you are reading this.

Learn all the skills you need to establish a thriving holistic wellness practice.

Build a second income or generate a good living – it’s in your hands.

Holistic Practitioner Course Contents

About being an Holistic Practitioner

  • How to conduct client sessions in-person and remotely (delivering a worldwide audience)
  • The secrets of how to instantly build rapport with any client to foster trust and confidence in you
  • How to maintain personal standards of holistic lifestyle and integrity
  • What it means to be holistic – whole being exploration and discovery
  • Take the guesswork out of assessing what a client really needs with three well-proven divination techniques
  • Why spiritual people have money problems and how to overcome them; how to become a money magnet
  • Selling value, not your time
  • Practical aspects – record keeping, client confidentiality, administration, book keeping, insurance and legal concerns
  • Fill your diary with effective marketing and lead generation tactics

Reiki Level I training and certification

  • Four attunements to Reiki healing energy by a Reiki Master
  • Full instruction on how to channel the energy for stress relief, relaxation and healing
  • Plenty of hands-on practice for self healing, healing clients, topical healing, mini-session, the quick de-stressor and chakra balancing
  • The history of Reiki, the Reiki precepts and their true meaning, what makes Reiki different
  • Using Reiki for plants, animals and purifying your food
  • Scanning energy fields for problems
  • Using haturei-ho for cleansing your aura
  • Some amazing case studies
  • Reiki Level I Practitioner Certificate

Course credits allowed for existing energy healing certifications.

Healing with crystals

  • How to choose, cleanse and programme a crystal for healing
  • Using crystal points to accelerate healing, rapidly repair wounds and reduce scars
  • Instruction on how to help clients maintain energetic balance with a crystal

Esoteric wisdom, Vedic, Oriental and Western Mystery traditions – what they mean for wellness

The energy body – auras, meridians, chakras – and their functions

Nutritional education – vedic doshas, blood type, food combining, alkaline eating; how to determine which a client needs and advise them; eliminate cravings; superfood therapy

Herbs and supplements – understand the key body systems and how to support them with powerful, yet affordable herbal products, providing an additional income stream

Psychosomatic causes of ailments – ailment-remedy chart

Powerful mind-body techniques to accelerate the healing process and remove blocks/resistance

Getting clients to lose their story, change perspective

How to achieve high vibration health and happiness

What The Secret doesn’t tell you – the real secret to manifesting the life you want

Take the guesswork out – let your client’s body and energy tell you what they need

Using MLM and affiliate schemes to boost revenues – how to choose products and advise clients

The one little-practiced technique that will keep clients coming back again and again

How to integrate with other modalities, eg reflexology, ear candling, aromatherapy, etc.

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