Websites I have found useful – Online version of the bi-monthly magazine The Healing Path, which is distributed mainly in Northern Colorado.  Always a good selection of material covering all kinds of complementary healing modalities.  Check out the  March/April 2004 issue, page 36. – Monthly e-zine with good, topical subject matter for spiritual living.  Regular columns from famous metaphysical gurus Doreen Virtue, Louise Hay and Alan Cohen. – A former Mr Universe covers the basics of spiritual living in a free online seminar that has a short lesson for each day of the month.  Best if started on the first of the month, gives great tips on living without stress or fear and attracting abundance. – Award-winning site that complements the books.  Includes transcriptions of Kryon channels at the United Nations (yup!), Indigo Children information, details of Kryon events and a really good online magazine.  Award-winning graphics and animation can be appreciated if you have a fast Internet connection, a slow-joe version is available if you don’t. – Includes new age and alternative medicine sites, among others.  Powerful search engine.  Very good for online forums.  Got a metaphysical question?  One of the forum visitors will certainly give you the answer. – The leading website for “lightworkers”, includes online version of the leading magazine “Planet Lightworker”, available by subscription.  Monthly free channel from “The Group” provides great information on what is happening energetically to the Earth and to the human species at this time. – My personal favorite, includes channelling from the spirit Tobias via Geoffrey Hoppe, who lives in Colorado.  Great metaphysical tools like the “short wall” and “oven of grace” appear in a series of lessons in the Crimson Circle library.  Check out the events section to see details of study groups in your locality and live channelling in the Denver area.  The best single collection of educational materials for metaphysical teachers and the spiritually advanced that I have seen.
   – Website of the International Center for Reiki Training, run by Reiki leading light, William Rand.  Includes pretty much everything you need to know about Reiki, and then some.  Very good history of Reiki section and an excellent archive of articles covering the use of Reiki in a multitude of every-day situations and using it to treat many different ailments.  Sign up for the newsletter or subscribe to the quarterly magazine Reiki News, which is always packed with good information for healers, whether or not you choose to learn Reiki. – Debate and advice on how we might live in the future in the event of alien contact becoming public knowledge.  Explores ancient predictions about the Earth changes, including the uncannily accurate Mayan calendar, which is reputed to end in 2012.