Releasing Entrapped Emotions

Releasing entrapped emotions with FreewayCER

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Why release emotions?
What is FreewayCER?
What is it good for?
How does it work?
Some examples
What’s in a yawn?

Why release emotions?

Entrapped emotions play a major role in our well-being. There are obvious cases, such phobias, addictions, anxiety and depression where there is a clear emotional cause, but there are other more subtle was that entrapped emotions can negatively influence our lives.

For example, one of the biggest obstacles to manifesting the life that we want – be it in terms of relationships, career or abundance – is lack of self worth. Why do we feel not worthy? It doesn’t matter, we don’t even need to know the original cause, it only matters that we can release it and allow ourselves to finally move forward in our lives.

More practical situations include confidence in public speaking, answering business telephone calls, or getting angry or frustrated at seemingly inconsequential things. In our practice we continually observe the direct correlation between mental/emotional states and physical ailments.

The mental/emotional imbalance creates an imbalance in the energy body, which if not addressed can eventually manifest as a physical ailment. Some say that every physical ailment has a mental/emotional source and if it is not dealt with it will be impossible to be entirely free of the physical problem.

By releasing the negative emotions, the energy body can be restored to its natural balance, which alleviates any potential physical manifestation of ailments. Perhaps even more importantly, it helps create a positive energetic outlook that paves the way for personal success in achieving goals.

What is FreewayCER?

This is an anagram for:

Fast Release of Entrapped Emotions With A Yawn – Change Energy Routine

Quirky as it sounds, it is an extremely powerful meridian energy therapy based on ancient wisdom and developed over many years by Tom Bolton and his partner Bev Anderson. It is the first and only fully comprehensive Energy Therapy System conceived in the UK.

FreewayCER is a not a technique but a complete system with many elements. The philosophy and roots lie in Ageless Wisdom Teachings of the World. It addresses most of the energy body, including all chakras, meridians and energy channels and removes the effect of Psychological Reversal, which is attributed to the lack of success with some meridian therapies.

The chasing of aspects and dealing with the effects of toxins are also not required with FreewayCER as they can be with some energy meridian modalities.

It offers an effective set of tools for removing painful or uncomfortable emotionally connected blockages that can be the underlying cause of many mental and physical disorders. A sequence takes only minutes, allowing rapid improvement in mental and physical health.

Based on Tom and Bev’s research and adaptation and interpretation of Energy Psychology, it employs simple, enjoyable procedures including a pleasant sequence of tapping on specific acupressure points, yawning, gentle breathing and relaxation.

At its core is the Change Energy Routine where the emotional cause is brought to mind and the resultant imbalance in the energy system is corrected so that the painful emotionally based feelings are reduced in intensity or disappear altogether.

What is it good for?

FreewayCER is particularly effective for addictions, phobias, anxiety, depression and stress. It can be applied to any mental/emotional condition from mild issues such as fear of speaking in public, right up to major conditions such as severe depression. It is highly effective in eliminating pain.

It has proven effective in helping people stop smoking as well as in managing mild or severe depression. It has helped students perform better in exams and helped sales professionals dramatically improve their performance.

Most people can realise almost instant benefit from the application of FreewayCER. Once you are comfortable with the system we can show you some simple procedures that will allow you to use it in many situations where you feel negative emotions taking hold.

Entrapped emotions are one of the major causes of people’s vibration being lower than is desirable for optimum wellness. Therefore, even with extremely good lifestyle choices and healthy practices, the individual’s full potential is never realised, or healing is unable to occur until the entrapped emotions are released. Click on the “What’s you vibe?” button on the left for more on this.

People have described the relief they get from Freeway as “feels like I’m floating on air,” “it’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders,” and “I never knew I could be this happy.

How does it work?

When a situation brings up a negative emotion it causes one or more of that person’s energy meridians to become unbalanced or blocked. By focusing on a memory of the situation the emotional state can be recreated at a less intense level than actually experiencing the situation.

The FreewayCER method is then used to tap on a number of acupressure points that unblock the flow in all meridians, so it is not necessary to know exactly which ones are affected. It is also not necessary to know what the root cause of the problem was.

The client is fully clothed and sitting comfortably during the procedure. Either the practitioner or the client can do the tapping. A luxurious yawn is used to help release the negative energies created by the offending emotion.

A number of rounds of tapping and yawning are completed until the intensity of the feeling is reduced to an acceptable level or it is removed completely, as the client wishes. Then an in-voicing procedure is used to permanently lock in the new, balanced energy pattern so that the meridians will no longer be disrupted should the situation be experienced or remembered in the future.

A simple phobia such as being scared of spiders could be cleared up in minutes. For a more severe condition, such as an addiction a more in-depth session of about two hours might be needed. Most issues can be cleared in one to two sessions.

Some examples

Sore throat: FreewayCER is exceptional at relieving pain. In this case Harriett, a teenager from Staffordshire was suffering from extremely sore throat with swollen glands and a retching cough that hurt her chest. This was a bug that had been going around school and in most cases was lasting one to two weeks.

In a single 10-minute session we were able to remove the pain and discomfort completely. A check-in by phone the next day confirmed that it had been successful as the symptoms had not returned. After a week another check-in confirmed that it had a lasting effect.

Chocolate cravings: Jemima is a middle aged woman who struggles to control her weight due to a weakness for chocolate. She eats several bars a day and wanted to reduce or eliminate the cravings and in her words “stop being a gannet.” When she opened a bar, she couldn’t have just one or two squares; she had to eat the whole bar and wanted to control the amount she ate at a time.

In one two-hour session we had eliminated all of her cravings. A follow-up call after one week confirmed that they had not returned and she had consumed only two bars of chocolate in the whole week. She was in complete control of whether and when she ate it.

Tension: Juliette, a wife and mother wanted to be more “chilled out” as she tends to worry about things a lot, is tense all the time, and wanted to be more relaxed, particularly with her 10 year-old son, John, as they often seem to be “sparring partners.” John knows how to push her buttons and winds her up, she felt that she was “on at him all the time.”

Four days after the session Juliette phoned me unprompted. She said she wanted to thank me because she felt more relaxed than she can ever remember. Two days previously she had been with her son John in a situation that would normally have created a fight between them, but she had handled it calmly with a positive result. She said she would have previously “pulled her hair out.”

She said she was really feeling the benefit of FreewayCER and was very grateful. She said she was also feeling much more positive about life in general.

Anxiety: Phil is a middle-aged man from Cheshire who has experienced anxiety attacks since his late teens. He had had therapy for several years and been prescribed valium in the past. It has been worse recently since the death of his father some months earlier and he has been experiencing grief, anxiety and panic attacks. He had been barely able to leave the house for weeks.

After a two two-hour sessions, Phil was able to go about life normally free of panic attacks and feeling much happier.

Phobia: Peter, in his early 50s, had had a phobia of eating in public for most of his life. He had to eat lunch in his car at work because he couldn’t stand to eat in the canteen with his co-workers. He dreaded family social occasions and avoided eating at them as far as possible. He would get palpitations and sweats if he had to eat in front of people.

After one session the phobia was lifted. He phoned a few days later to gleefully explain how the previous evening he had enjoyed a restaurant meal for the first time in as long as he could remember.

What’s in a yawn?

When we explain that the process involves yawning it often raises a few eyebrows and occasionally a giggle. It does sound quirky but actually has a serious role to play in the releasing of entrapped emotions during the change energy routine (CER)..

The yawn encourages relaxation and release of tension throughout the whole system as well as helping oxygenate the system prior to, during and after FreewayCER sequences.

Some clients are so stiff when they first come to us that they are almost unable to yawn, but after a few rounds of FreewayCER followed by yawns, they soon loosen up, sometimes relaxing properly for the first time in years.

Some points about the magnificent yawn:

  • Yawning contributes to oxygenation of the system and increases the oxygen content in the blood
  • Yawning helps exhale impurities from the body and lungs
  • It helps keep the critical balance of oxygen to carbon dioxide in the body and blood
  • Yawning relaxes the whole body and mind
  • Yawning when used as part of the CER procedure cues the unconscious and helps open the communications gap between conscious and unconscious processes
  • After using CER only once or twice, yawning becomes a cue for the unconscious to tune in to making dramatic changes in the mind/body systems
  • Yawning is something that happens spontaneously during a session of CER and (often) when people have let go of tension or released a blockage
  • Yawning often leads to a pleasant abreaction as stress is released
  • Yawning opens several of the secondary energy systems
  • Yawning is said by the Masters of Ageless Wisdom to open several minor chakras
  • Yawning encourages a free flow of energy through the meridians
  • Yawning causes the glands in the eyes to let out fluid and in so doing cleans the eyes
  • Yawning massages the ears and loosens wax thereby improving hearing
  • Yawning opens the jaw and massages many of the vital points in the face and in the lymphatic system
  • Yawning loosens and tones the big jaw muscles and allows the neck and throat muscles to relax
  • Yawning has a balancing effect on a variety of glands – the thyroid and para thyroids, hypothalamus, pineal and pituitary may all benefit

Do a huge yawn now. Feels good, right? At Woodland Wellness we’ll show you how it can be used as part of a powerful healing programme tailored to your needs.