Phobias, grief, low confidence & self esteem

Phobias, grief, low confidence & self esteem

Help is here to free you from any of these limiting conditions.

Phobias are completely irrational, you can’t reason them away, and they often severely hinder your normal functioning.

Whether it is a common one, such as spiders or heights, or something more obscure, like eating in public, we have powerful techniques for quickly releasing them and installing more useful, positive states.

Grief is another negative emotion that can have a serious impact on normal functioning, often manifesting as intense emotional pain, uncontrollable sobbing and inability to get on with life.

Whether you grieve the loss of a loved one, a favourite pet or a relationship breaking up it is effectively released using holistic methods. You are then free to remember your loved one fondly while moving forward with your life.

Confidence can be a fragile thing. In personal performance it is the number one factor for success.

Lack of confidence, whether it manifests low self belief or a nervousness in social or new situations, or in one of a multitude of other ways is effectively tackled with hypnotherapy and complementary techniques.

We believe low self esteem or self worth to be the major reason for under-achievement.

Even if they try really hard, a person with underlying low self worth will inevitably unconsciously self-sabotage or create obstacles to reinforce this limiting belief.

Our program can completely turn this around, leading to much greater self belief, achievement and happiness.

If you suffer from any of these limiting conditions Contact Us now for a no-obligation conversation on how we can help.