Keith Smith, founder of the polarity balancing programme for the healing of Chronic Reversed Polarity, was invited to speak at the Virtual Light Seminar. The popular seminars are run by Steve Rother of to aid people with the raising of their consciousness and spiritual development.

Keith’s segment provides fascinating insight into the healing process and reveals new information about reconnecting to our 12-strand DNA. To view streaming video or audio recordings of the event click here. Scroll down the page to find segments 2 and 3 featuring Keith Smith.

Symptoms range from simply being susceptible to coughs and cold to having advanced autoimmune conditions, but the only way to be sure whether or not you have it is to be tested by a Woodland Wellness practitioner.


Are we electric?

Keith Smith recently gave a web talk to distributors of New Sun Health Products in the U.S. on the topic ‘Are We Electric?’ He answers questions on Chronic Reversed Polarity and the ways he has used some of New Sun’s Products to help his clients.

To listen to the audio cast click here

Check out our Are You Switched? section to see if you may have Chronic Reversed Polarity and use the Contact Us section to schedule a free test if you think you are at risk. 

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