Multi-Modality Healing

What we mean by multi-modality healing is that we employ a range of different healing modalities to maximize the effectiveness for our clients.  We use a basic testing method to ask your body what it needs to heal and provide the appropriate solution.

This could include anything from dietary supplements to hands-on energy healing, or from nutrition counselling to affirmations.  In this way we can fully utilize the mind-body-spirit connection to engage your whole being in the process for accelerated healing and optimum results.

One technique that we find particularly effective when healing Chronic Reversed Polarity is a combined affirmation/visualization designed to erase any negative programming that has caused you to repeat lessons without learning them, such as the sense of abandonment, which could manifest from a childhood that wasn’t as nurturing as the child would have wished and repeats throughout your life as failed relationships, divorce, estrangement from family members, etc.

Often this programming will have contributed to becoming switched in the first place.

We also introduce tools for forgiveness, gratitude and manifesting that enable you to take full responsibility for creating the life that you really want in terms of health, relationships and prosperity.

You may need a Reiki session to rebalance your chakras or remove energy blockages in the body, or perhaps space clearing to transmute detrimental energies in your home into beneficial ones.

If these metaphysical methods are a bit far out for you, we still offer more down-to-earth solutions, such as counseling to ensuring that you are eating the optimum diet for your body type or a homeopathic remedy for allergies, for example.

If it is determined that you need something for your healing that we cannot offer in-house, we have an extensive network of holistic practitioners who we have personally verified as offering quality services at realistic prices, and have an excellent record of results.

If you are on the program to heal Chronic Reversed Polarity, all incremental in-house services are covered.  Referred services and those purchased in-house on an ad-hoc basis are quoted separately in advance.

Here are some of our most popular services:

Healing Chronic Reversed Polarity by the Keith Smith method
Removing phobias and anxiety with FreewayCER
Reiki sessions
Reiki classes
Herbal remedies
Homeopathic remedies
Essential oils/aromatherapy
5-Element Chinese acupressure
Dietary/nutrition counselling
Life lesson counselling
Releasing negative programming
Healing relationships with forgiveness and gratitude
Manifesting techniques

If you think you might benefit from any of these, use the Contact Us section to schedule an appointment.  Most modalities can be offered remotely via telephone consultation if you do not live in the Staffordshire area.  We have clients from California to Florida, as well as in the UK, Germany and the Middle East.