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At Woodland Wellness we take a completely holistic approach with solutions for issues concerning all of your bodies – be it mental or emotional, physical, and energetic.

Herbs and supplements are a special category because they work at all three levels.

Of course they contain nutrients that the body uses for optimum nutrition and support for key systems such as immune, nervous, digestive, cardiovascular, pulmonary, etc.

In addition, at the energetic level they can be used to aid the healing of Chronic Reversed Polarity by saturating your cells with the energy of the herbs for a sustained period.

Also, in shamanic circles plants are believed to have an innate intelligence that can aid the shaman in their healing practices. It is possible to gain profound insights for your emotional states and mindset.

Supplements are not supposed to be used as an alternative to a healthy diet, however due to modern intensive farming practices it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet the body’s needs for optimum wellness by groceries alone.

Following several years of searching and researching we were delighted to finally find a manufacturer that could produce products of very high quality at a reasonable price, making them affordable, yet highly effective.

We recommend you use the Contact Us form to request a free, no-obligation consultation to assess any supplement needs you may have. Our simple testing method, which can be done remotely by phone or Skype, lets your body tell you itself exactly what it needs.

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