Chronic Reversed Polarity

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What is it?
How can I tell if I have it?
How do you get it?
How do you heal it?
How long does it take?
What does the programme entail?
How do I get started?

What is it?

Chronic Reversed Polarity – or “switched” for short – is a condition of the body’s electrical system whereby the poles that allow the flow of energy have become reversed, causing the flow to occur in the opposite direction to what is intended.

As an analogy: If you were to severely stress a magnet by dropping it or hitting it with a hammer, for example, the poles would reverse – that is, the positive terminal becomes negative and the vice versa. Then its energy would drain away until it is no longer magnetized.

Similarly, in a person the switching takes place at a cellular level so that the cells’ electrical system and that of the body overall have reversed energy flows. This causes the body to leak energy and it will find ways to slow you down to conserve energy, such as giving you colds or making you feel tired.

If you keep going, and many of us don’t have time to slow down for anything these days, then the body might hit you with something more severe. It will go for the weak points, so if you have susceptibility in the joints you might develop arthritis, or if it is in the muscles you may get fibromyalgia, for example.

How can I tell if I have it?

There are a number of obvious symptoms, which you can find in the Are You Switched? section. If you have fatigue, depression, poor mental clarity, ADD/ADHD, sleeplessness, any autoimmune condition, cancer, arthritis, bowel or thyroid problems, there is a good chance that you are switched.

The only way to be sure is to undertake our simple test. It can even be done remotely for those unable to travel or who live too far away for an in-person appointment. Use the Contact Us section to schedule an appointment for a free test.

How do you get it?

The trigger for Chronic Reversed Polarity is stress – usually some type of traumatic event or sustained period of pressure that overwhelms the body’s electrical system. Major life events such a divorce, death of a loved one, loss of job or livelihood can trigger a switching.

Some people are born switched; either through catching it from their mother while in the womb, or experiencing trauma in a difficult birth, or perhaps vicariously experiencing stress if, for example, the parents fight while the mother is pregnant.

If you share a living space with a switched person it is possible to catch it from them, especially if you are sharing the same bed. It is like a flashlight with two batteries – if the batteries run down and you replace only one, what happens to the new battery? Its energy will drain down to the level of the expended one.

Similarly, being in close proximity to a switched person for sustained periods of time can drag your energy system into the same mode as theirs.

How do you heal it?

The only way we know to fix this is to follow the program developed by Keith Smith over 30 years ago. Keith coined the phrase Chronic Reversed Polarity and gained some fame for his success in healing “incurable” diseases with his contribution to the best-selling book Indigo Children – The New Kids Have Arrived by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober. A master herbalist and iridologist from California, he also trained the founder of Woodland Wellness, Keith Corbett to heal Chronic Reversed Polarity.

The programme requires the client to saturate their system with high quantities of energized herbal formulas for a sustained period of time. These will include super foods, detoxing, immune system supporting, and stress relieving formulas tailored to the unique needs of the individual. Testing determines the exact formula and dosage for each person.

In addition we harness the power of the mind and spirit to accelerate the healing process with metaphysical techniques such as breathwork, visualizations and affirmations, as well as releasing and reprogramming any negative thought patterns that may have contributed to the person’s condition.

One of the characteristics of being switched is that nothing seems to work – be it medicine, natural remedies, energy work or other modalities. That is because the body’s cells are unable to accept the energy of the remedy due to the reversed polarity. People often come to us as a last resort, having tried everything else without success.

The body is naturally self-balancing and once the obstacle of reversed polarity is removed it usually heals itself. If there are any residual symptoms, usually they will then respond well to remedies.

How long does it take?

On average a person can get unswitched in four to six months. We have seen some people do it much faster, even in a few weeks, and others who have taken a lot longer, even up to a year. It is a very individual thing and depends as much on you as it does on us.

Do you choose to heal at all levels? Can you stick to the program? If so, you can expect typically to be unswitched in four to six months. Even then, there may be residual symptoms that still need to be cleared up. For example, arthritis sometimes sticks around and a separate program for that can clear it up quickly once the person is unswitched.

For some chronic conditions, such as fibromyalgia, it can take a year or more to finally be free of all pain, although the level is usually severely reduced during the unswitching process. That said, we have had cases of fibromyalgia clearing up in a few weeks.

Even these outside cases offer greater relief and hope than can be achieved with conventional medications. And then there are some people who unswitch and are completely free of their illness in just a few weeks.

See the Case Studies section for some real-world examples.

What does the programme entail?

We kick off with an initial consultation that last 60-90 minutes, where we ask a lot of questions and perform the test to determine whether you are switched and what your optimum program would be.

If you are switched, you will probably need to take energized herbal formulas in capsule or bulk powder form, typically ranging from four to 24 capsules a day depending on your need – everyone is different.

We then schedule monthly checkups, which can take anywhere from 20-60 minutes, to monitor progress and add in additional methods that could help you, such as affirmations or visualizations. See the section on Multi-Modality Healing for more on this.

Either during the course of the unswitching process or at the end of it, depending on what your symptoms are, we may recommend additional formulas or methods to complete the healing process.

For example, if you get unswitched, but still have some arthritis symptoms, we will test to see whether you need an additional program to clear that up. This is usually a much shorter process. Although it will be different for everyone, we find that it normally takes an additional two to three months at the most.

Finally, when you are completely well again, we test to determine whether your body can maintain its state of polarity balance on its own, taking into account your physiology and lifestyle, or whether you need a low-level maintenance program for a while, or in some cases indefinitely. This would typically require you to take two to four capsules a day.

In all cases, the process is entirely transparent to you and you will see how your body tells us what it needs. The method and herbal combinations have been devised by master herbalist and renowned healer Keith Smith and are administered according to his program. We add Reiki energy to all formulas to increase their healing properties. See the section Reiki Classes for more on this.

How Do I Get Started?

Simple. Use the Contact Us section to schedule an appointment for a free test