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If you are interested in finding out more about the healing arts, metaphysics and spirituality, here are some that could provide some guidance to you on your path. See what you feel drawn to and check it out.  I have read or used all of these in the past and can recommend them.  There are, of course, many more out there and you will likely find ones that I haven’t covered here.  If you are drawn to them – that is they resonate with you – then they are probably right for you. Everyone needs to use their own discernment when reading metaphysical materials as there are many paths and not all of them will be the right one for you. These are just a few places to start learning more about the healing arts and metaphysics in general.  You may find some of them are right for you and you may find others not listed here that appeal to your more. Wherever you start and wherever you are headed, we wish you much fun on your journey.Keith CorbettFounder of Woodland Wellness

Websites I have found useful – Online version of the bi-monthly magazine The Healing Path, which is distributed mainly in Northern Colorado.  Always a good selection of material covering all kinds of complementary healing modalities.  Check out the  March/April 2004 issue, page 36. – Monthly e-zine with good, topical subject matter for spiritual living.  Regular columns from famous metaphysical gurus Doreen Virtue, Louise Hay and Alan Cohen. – A former Mr Universe covers the basics of spiritual living in a free online seminar that has a short lesson for each day of the month.  Best if started on the first of the month, gives great tips on living without stress or fear and attracting abundance. – Award-winning site that complements the books.  Includes transcriptions of Kryon channels at the United Nations (yup!), Indigo Children information, details of Kryon events and a really good online magazine.  Award-winning graphics and animation can be appreciated if you have a fast Internet connection, a slow-joe version is available if you don’t. – Includes new age and alternative medicine sites, among others.  Powerful search engine.  Very good for online forums.  Got a metaphysical question?  One of the forum visitors will certainly give you the answer. – The leading website for “lightworkers”, includes online version of the leading magazine “Planet Lightworker”, available by subscription.  Monthly free channel from “The Group” provides great information on what is happening energetically to the Earth and to the human species at this time. – My personal favorite, includes channelling from the spirit Tobias via Geoffrey Hoppe, who lives in Colorado.  Great metaphysical tools like the “short wall” and “oven of grace” appear in a series of lessons in the Crimson Circle library.  Check out the events section to see details of study groups in your locality and live channelling in the Denver area.  The best single collection of educational materials for metaphysical teachers and the spiritually advanced that I have seen.
   – Website of the International Center for Reiki Training, run by Reiki leading light, William Rand.  Includes pretty much everything you need to know about Reiki, and then some.  Very good history of Reiki section and an excellent archive of articles covering the use of Reiki in a multitude of every-day situations and using it to treat many different ailments.  Sign up for the newsletter or subscribe to the quarterly magazine Reiki News, which is always packed with good information for healers, whether or not you choose to learn Reiki. – Debate and advice on how we might live in the future in the event of alien contact becoming public knowledge.  Explores ancient predictions about the Earth changes, including the uncannily accurate Mayan calendar, which is reputed to end in 2012.

Here are a selection of books I have found useful and interesting

Heal Your Body – Louise Hay.  The famous “blue book” of psychological causes and metaphysical cures for ailments from the “affirmation queen”, who healed her own “terminal” cancer.  These contents are also encapsulated within the more expansive You Can Heal Your Life.

The Four Agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz.  An easy to read book of Toltec wisdom that will transform you.  A simple formula to spiritual growth and ascension.  For practices and a deeper dive, try The Four Agreements Companion Book.

Kryon Book One, The End Times – Lee Carroll.  The first of the famous Kryon channeling texts, which now number ten or more volumes.  A good introduction to many “new-age” concepts, including the “metaphysical Christ”, spirit guides, purpose/contract, and the new Earth energies.  Kryon, the magnetic master, tells how he is shifting the earth’s magnetic grid to enable us to access more of the subtle energies from the other side of the veil.  To get a good overview of the Kryon teachings read books one, two, seven and nine, and then just stay with whatever the latest one is.  Or read the whole lot if you feel so inclined.

The Journey Home – Lee Carroll
.  Fictional story, part of the Kryon series, provides a look at what we have to go through to find our way “home”, a metaphor for the ascension process.

The Celestine Prophesy – James Redfield
.  An adventure novel that intertwines action and suspense with an introduction to some key metaphysical notions.

The Seven Spiritual Secrets of Success – Deepak Chopra.  The title says it all really.  Follow this guide and you won’t go far wrong.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior – James Millman.  The story of how one man developed spiritual growth through the teachings of an enigmatic master called Socrates.  If you like this, try the follow-up book Sacred journey of the Peaceful Warrior where he trains with a Kahuna on Hawaii.

One – Richard Bach.  Excellent attempt at modelling the connectedness of everything and the simultaneous existence of all time at once.  Very entertaining writing from the author of Jonathon Livingston Seagull, which I haven’t read.

The Reluctant Messiah – Richard Bach.  Another entertaining tale that reveals some deep metaphysical concepts about our relationships and roles, and the potential of our minds.

The Book of Chakra Healing – Liz Simpson
.  Great overview of the nature of the chakras, the effects of imbalance and how to treat them.  Includes which colors, foods, crystals etc are associated with the main chakras, as well as affirmations and exercises designed to maintain balance.  Very nicely designed and illustrated.

The Book of Crystal Healing – Liz Simpson
.  Good companion to the Book of Chakra Healing, describes the nature of many stones, their properties and how to use them for healing.  Again, nice pictures.

American Indian Secrets of Crystal Healing – Luc Bourgault
.  A Canadian Indian trained in the ancient Native American uses of crystals gives very down to earth, practical advise and exposes several new-age “myths” concerning crystals.  My favorite crystal book.

Working With Your Guides & Angels – Ruth White
.  From finding a parking space to getting a new job, how to enlist the powerful aid of your unseen friends.  Angel hierarchy and responsibilities are explained.

New Body, New Cells, New Life – Virginia Essene
.  Although fairly dated now, this collection of channelled information provides a fantastic foundation for understanding what we and the Earth have been going through this last 15-20 years, and what joys we are yet behold.  A great introduction to the main basic metaphysical concepts.

Bioenergetics – Alexander Lowen
.  More of a textbook on the mind-body-spirit relationship.  You are your body!

Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East – Spalding
.  There are six volumes, so I recommend trying Volume One and if you like it then trying the others.  Fascinating account of a group’s interaction with spiritual gurus in the Himalayas at the turn of the 20th century.  Eyewitness accounts of teleportation, walking through fire, being in more than one place at a time.  Physical encounters with Jesus and Buddha.  And so much more.  Volume four is a manual on how to do it for yourself.

The Isaiah Effect – Greg Braden
.  Summary of the secret to successful prayer as revealed by the Book of Isaiah, removed form the Old Testament by the Nicene Council in the third century and rediscovered with the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle.  The present moment is all you really have.  A very profound recipe for personal transformation.

A New Earth – Eckhart Tolle.  About the Earth changes, our role in them and practical advice on how to help co-create the new Earth.

The Indigo Children – Lee Carroll & Jan Tober. – The first of the “indigo” books.  Essential reading if you have young children or teenagers.  Understand why they don’t respond well to authority, won’t follow rules, and often don’t do well in school despite being very intelligent.

Spiritual Psychology, The 12 Primary Life Lessons – Steve Rother
.  This will explain why you seem wired to respond in a certain way to some situations.  Also covers how relationships are a setup to initiate your opportunities for learning and growth.  Gives a good understanding of our purpose on Earth. Much easier to read than the title suggests.

Power vs Force – David R Hawkins.  Simply the best metaphysical text I have ever read.  I had to read it straight through twice when I first got it.  Not an easy read due to academic language, but if you can get past that it can dramatically change your life for the better, as it did mine.  Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness is a revelation – use his kinesiology techniques to find out where you score on it.

The Complete Reiki Handbook – Walter Lubeck
.  A very practical guide to using Reiki or any hands-on energy healing art, includes hand positions for treating specific illnesses, energy healing for animals and plants, Reiki and crystals, meditation.

Essential Reiki – Diane Stein
.  A thorough overview of what Reiki is all about, including history and theory.  Famous for revealing the “secret” Reiki symbols.  Good book if you are thinking of doing Reiki classes.

The Spirit of Reiki – Three Reiki luminaries – Lubeck, Rand and Peters
. – team up to bring a deeper level of understanding and practice.  A good one for when you have already worked with energy healing or with Reiki a while.

Reiki Plus Professional Practitioner’s Manual, Second Degree – David Jarrell.  Buy this (if you can still get it) not so much for how to apply the late Mr Jarrell’s own flavour of Reiki, but more for the excellent section on how to treat various ailments with energy healing, homeopathy, nutrition, and medical referrals, plus the mental causes and solutions to the problem.  I find this book to be an invaluable aid.