Case Studies

These are actual cases on file at our offices. Names have been changed to protect privacy.
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As with all healing arts, results will vary from person to person and there is no guarantee that anyone would have the same experience as any of these clients. However, these are all genuine cases that we consider to be typical. Names have been changed to protect privacy.

Crohn’s disease
Memory loss


Penny, aged 69 had severe arthritis in the lower back. Additional switched symptoms included foggy brained/memory loss (she thought that was a “sign of old age”) and waking up in the night. She thought her overall energy level was fine “for her age.” She also suffered from constipation, having bowel movements only once every two or three days. She had been switched for 32 years.

After one month she thought her memory was improving and her bowels were more regular. After two months her energy had improved, she was getting up “full of life;” and not waking in the night as much.

At three months her energy was “very, very good, very pleased with it;” – her husband had even commented on it; mental clarity was a lot better, “a lot sharper, more observant – I wouldn’t have thought of that before.” Her sleeping was “absolutely marvellous,” at least seven hours a night, getting up feeling great and doing exercises. The arthritis in her back was “a little better.”

At four months she was unswitched. After seven month the arthritis was “much, much better – no pain.” At eight months she reported good energy, mental clarity, arthritis good, “sleeping like a log.” At 10 months everything was “excellent” and she went onto a low level maintenance programme.

A check-in with her at 18 months found her energy “fine;” mental clarity good; sleeping fine; bowels fine; arthritis “fantastic.” At two years and two months “everything is great!”

Poppy had arthritis in the hands each winter, which she took medication for. After one month on the programme it was gone, she had stopped taking the medication of her own volition, and the arthritis has not returned to this day (three years so far). She also had stopped craving Coca Cola, was not getting stressed at work anymore, had more energy and was sleeping better.


Victoria is a 63 year old woman who had previously had an operation for breast cancer and had now developed lung cancer. A lifelong smoker, she had quit when diagnosed a year earlier but her condition had deteriorated, despite chemotherapy. The hospice at home people were coming round telling her how they would care for her in her final days and she looked very ill, had no energy, grey skin tone and her energy field was very closed-in.

Nine months later, her tumor was inactive, she spent a Christmas she thought she would never see with her grandchildren, was the picture of health, had increased lung capacity and was leading a normal life again.


Karla, 43, is an intuitive painter, using it as a way of communicating with her higher self. She was prone to depression and did a lot of energy work, but the benefits were always short-lived. She would wake up feeling she had been “run over by a truck.” She suffered despair at not achieving her life goals so far.

After two months she was no longer experiencing depression, and after three was starting to sing when she got up in the mornings. By four months she was very positive about life, was bounding with energy (had given up afternoon naps), and finally felt happy.

After six months she signed herself off the programme reporting that it had been transformational and her paintings had taken on a new dimension – the messages she received form her higher self were much clearer, her intuition had improved, her output was prolific and the colours in her paintings were much more vivid.

Crohn’s disease

Linda, aged 43, had been diagnosed with Crohn’s four years earlier, but had had symptoms for much longer. She had low energy, poor mental clarity, and was prone to depression. Despite taking infusions of strong medicines, the disease was slowly progressing. Although she had to deal with increased stress at work and home, plus planning a holiday, she became unswitched in three months. Her energy was up and she was getting to jobs she hadn’t been able to tackle before with good mental clarity and no sign of depression.

After six months she felt more tired, felt that she wasn’t absorbing well and had several “face breakouts.” Although uncomfortable for her, the body was rebalancing. After 18 months she reported that the Crohn’s disease was in remission and she had been able to discontinue the infusions.


Andrea, a mother of two small children, aged 30 was taking strong medication for depression. She was also suffering from very low energy, waking up in the night sweating with anxiety, still tired after sleep, pain in the calves and neck, very painful PMS, cravings for carbohydrates, had gained a lot of weight and couldn’t lose it, and was almost constantly sick (catching colds every other week).

After one month on the programme she seemed to be worse and had a heavy cold, which was possibly even bronchitis, as well as allergy symptoms. However, her energy was stronger and she was waking up better and we determined that she was experiencing a healing crisis as her body was rebalancing itself, which is fairly common.

After just after six weeks she became completely unswitched with very good overall energy, no carb cravings, no depression (was able to come off the medication), free of pain, no anxiety, no colds, was losing weight and had a totally positive outlook.


Karen, aged 45, had fatigue to the point of being constantly exhausted and still tired after sleep, severe depression (she was previously suicidal) and joint pain (rheumatoid arthritis). After just one month she was 50% unswitched and was cruising through her work without fatiguing and with much less pain.

After two months she was almost completely unswitched, her overall energy was close to normal, she was free of the depression that had plagued her for years and she had the motivation and inspiration to start writing again, a real joy that she hadn’t experienced in years and she was signed off the program a few weeks later.


Ruth, aged 39, had fibromyalgia with constant pain in her upper body and occasionally the hands. After three weeks she delightedly proclaimed that she could now turn her head (discovered while backing out of a parking space at the shops) and could breathe deeply without pain. “It’s all breaking loose!” she exclaimed. Inside of one month she was free of pain. It should be noted that this is a very fast healing and although not uncommon it can typically take a year or more to be totally free of fibromyalgia pain on the programme.

Natalie, 42, had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia for a year but had experienced the symptoms for many years prior. Acupuncture provided relief, but was usually short-lived. She hadn’t slept through the night in years, usually waking every couple of hours or so, and woke up every day tired and in pain. She had been experiencing debilitating “pain days” for a couple of years and was suffering from depression. Her energy levels were very low.

In the first month she experienced an outbreak of poison ivy, which had been lying dormant in her lower spinal column. It cleared in five days. This was assign of the body’s immune system waking up and “cleaning house.” In the second month the suicide of a close friend affected her and she experienced “strong fatigue,” the fibromyalgia pain was “more focused” and she was feeling down. These are signs of a healing crisis, which is not uncommon and is actually a positive indication that the body is rebalancing. She had her first period for a year.

At four months she was doing much better with more energy and less pain. Her muscles had “settled down dramatically” and the pain was no longer constant, despite increased work stress through her employer being acquired by another company. She was sleeping six hours straight for the first time in years. After six months she was unswitched and made steady progress until signing off the programme after 11 months, reporting that she was really happy with the results and had “got her life back.”

Nicole, 56, didn’t have fibromyalgia, but exhibit some of the same characteristics. Her energy was up and down, mostly down and she had been experiencing high blood pressure for over five years, which she controlled herself. She was feeling consistent tightness in her chest and over her left shoulder, which varied in intensity. When the intensity increased she wasn’t able to wear her glasses because her vision “became unstable.”

In addition, she had trouble sleeping, taking several hours to drop off each night and having restless sleep at best, waking up not wanting to face the day. She lacked mental clarity and had trouble focusing. The programme had immediate effects and within one month Nicole was unswitched. She said she felt “electrical stuff” going on the first night on the programme and couldn’t sleep but felt comfortable. The next morning the tightness in her chest was gone.

By the first month’s checkup her mental clarity had also improved, she was sleeping well, falling asleep easily and feeling rested on waking. Her breathing had become easier, she found that she wasn’t eating as much and had not experienced high blood pressure since starting the programme.

Memory Loss

See Penny under Arthritis


Rose, 53, had had MS for 20 years and had been in a wheelchair for seven years. She had no control over her legs and only limited ability to control only one of her arms. The fingers on both her hands were curled, she was unable to straighten them. She also suffered from bladder spasms and had been taking medications for it for several years. Her energy was “normal” although she became tired in the evenings.

After one month she reported feeling in the muscles, especially the heels, which had been numb for 20 years, and in her hands. After two months she could feel her wheelchair footrests under her feet, was brighter, could feel energy coursing through her legs at night. For the first time in many years she could feel the clothes on her body, could feel her fingers bend and could feel her face.

At four months Rose informed us that over the years she had been prescribed increasingly stronger medication for bladder spasms, which was now becoming ineffective and there were no stronger versions available. We found a natural remedy that cleared them up in just two days.

After six month with the assistance of her home-help, Rose was practicing standing and reported that she could almost stand on her own. At eight months she was unswitched and attended a night time memorial service, which she handled with good energy and no ill effects.

Rose saw more progress in her healing for the first year, but then hit a plateaux. Although she didn’t see further physical progress, but was delighted with her improved energy and ability to feel things again. She was much happier and was even able to tolerate summer heat very well for the first time in many years. Significantly, she was motivated to put more energy into spiritual growth which she saw as the key to further progress.

So long as the client is not already in wheelchair, it is possible to achieve a full recovery from MS.


George, a 44 year old family man had had severe psoriasis for over 20 years with thick platelets on his legs and arms. He had also had Crohn’s disease about 10 years earlier, which was now healed and had had kidney stones the previous year. He had low energy and became foggy brained when under stress.

After one month he had more energy and was sleeping better and although winter was setting in and the psoriasis usually got worse with the cold, it had in fact improved a little, the spots were thinning. After three months he could see white skin coming back through the patches. After six months he was happy to report that he had lost 15 pounds, the psoriasis patches had become very sparse, his mental clarity was better and his energy was up. Confident of success and empowered with the techniques he had learned, George chose to leave the programme at this stage.