Sweet Dreams

Have you ever woken from a dream and thought “wow, that was weird?” Have you noticed how bizarre your dreams are? Not only can fantastic things happen but there can be strange juxtapositions of people, places and times.

Even if you don’t think you dream or think you can’t remember them, still read on because I’ll tell you how you can and why you should. Plus, I’ll be making a super-cool free offer that you won’t want to miss out on.


Have you ever thought “what does it mean?” If so, you have recognised at a deep level that there is meaning in your dreams, but perhaps not in the way you think. And if you are looking for meaning in your dreams, you won’t find it in a book or webpage written by someone else – that will only reveal what certain characteristics mean to them.

The fact is, when you sleep it gives the unconscious mind (UM) – that part of you that keeps you safe, runs your body, emotions and behaviours – the opportunity to communicate what you need to know without it being interrupted, ignored or dismissed by the conscious mind and your regular mind chatter.
However, it doesn’t speak English. Or Sanskrit, Hebrew, Japanese or any other human language for that matter. It speaks with imaginary experiences in the form of pictures, sounds, feeling and most of all symbols.

The thing is, though, what a symbol means to one person could mean something entirely different to you or I – everyone has a unique interpretation. This is the secret to cracking the code of the language of your higher self.

We have all been brought up differently, have different beliefs, likes, dislikes and brain chemistry at any given time. The same symbol can even have a different meaning for you at different times, depending on what is going on in your life.


It is the context in which the symbolism is interpreted that is the key to its true meaning for you. If you can understand what the UM is saying, you can act on it and improve your life in oh so many ways. If it is important to your evolution and you ignore it you will get a stronger message – perhaps starting with more vivid or recurring dreams, then maybe unwarranted emotions or attracting undesirable situations to you.

Eventually you could end up with something quite uncomfortable in the form of ‘dis-ease’. I have found that finding ways to understand the messages from the UM, such as with dream interpretation can help people change their thinking, take action and even fulfil their life purpose.

So with this in mind we’re now offering a free dream interpretation to anyone who wants it for so long as we can accommodate the number of requests – so if you fancy it get in quick in case we have to cancel the offer due to demand. This can be done remotely to wherever you are in the world via Skype.

As everyone is different and has different dreams, it is not possible to provide generic answers – we need 10-20 minutes on the phone or Skype or in person to do a professional interpretation for you. How cool would it be to find out what your UM is telling you and get the answer to something that is troubling you or could make a massive positive difference in your life?

One client recently described her dream interpretation session as a “life changing conversation.” If you think you don’t dream or don’t recall dreams, use the simple method below.

How to remember your dreams

Would it be useful to you to remember your dreams, understand what they mean and know what you need to do to resolve a major issue or concern in your life?

First, when you get into bed ask your UM to let you remember your dream when you wake. The UM takes instruction very well and will accommodate you in this request.

If you use an alarm set it for 30 minutes earlier than usual. If you wake naturally just ask your UM to wake you 30 minutes earlier than usual. Don’t cringe – it’s just one early start and you can always go back to sleep.

Keep paper or notebook and pen or pencil next to the bed. On waking jot down the elements of the dream, not the story. For example, if you were to dream the Cinderella story you might write down pumpkin, glass slippers, Prince, midnight, fairy Godmother, step sisters, mice, castle, etc.

Just list whatever elements you remember or that are significant for you. Then contact me to set up an appointment: email keith@woodlandwellness.co.uk or call +44 (0) 1782 750418. Sweet dreams folks!