Stay well this winter

As the weather gets colder and the days shorter, it seems that many people start to automatically catch colds and flu. There is absolutely no need for this. I can’t say I never get sick, but it is very, very rare. What is the secret?

Well, the reduced amount of sunlight can lead to vitamin D deficiency, fresh foods may be harder to or more expensive to come by, leading to depletion in other essential vitamins and minerals, and there are a lot more bugs being spread around by people. Add to this high levels of stress from the crazy autumn back-to-business and back-to-school period followed by the holidays/Christmas season, and it’s no wonder immune systems become compromised.

Taking a general vitamin supplement may not help, especially if it is a low quality brand or is in a tablet form packed with fillers, stabilizers and even yeast, making it not very bioavailable – ie. is not easily absorbed so most of the it just passes through.

In my view there are five easy steps to ensure a strong immune system and avoid colds:

  • Take a high quality general vitamin and mineral suppement that id designed to support your circulatory and immune systems daily – if you don’t have a good source already, try the one I use personally – click here
  • Take a quality superfood daily: spirulina, bee pollen or a green drink – yeah, I know they taste like grass, that’s why I go for spirulina capsules like these – click here

(Note: if you use these links to purchase supplements I will get a small commission, which I am sharing with you by offering them at a 15% discount via the Woodland Wellness shop)

  • Get enough sleep – you know what you need to feel rested and refreshed, so go to bed earlier if you have to
  • Avoid or manage stress – one of the best ways to relieve it is to do my “instant stress relief” exercise daily – click here to download or listen to it for free
  • Adopt a positive mindset – this is vital, as negative thought patterns and emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, hurt and guilt will lower your vibration/energy levels, weakening your immunity.

We specialise in releasing entrapped emotions and helping you change your mindset and behaviours to enjoy a fulfilling life of grace and ease – and just for you, who took the time to read this far, I will offer a free consultation, just email me for an appointment:

Follow these steps for a happy, well winter. Wherever you are in the world client sessions can be done easily via Skype.