Healing at the Speed of Life

Is time accelerating? Is everything getting faster?

Are the days flying by at an ever-increasing rate? It certainly seems that way to me. It’s not just about the pace of modern living, it is a real sense of time itself moving much faster than before, of existence itself accelerating.
Prominent metaphysicians and spiritual leaders agree. In the Kryon books (book 8, pages 19-24; book 9, page 61 and chapter 11), best-selling author Lee Carroll writes that time is not a constant and that it runs at varying rates throughout the universe.
Almost every metaphysical publication I read or radio show I listen to covers this topic in some form or other.
Since I have been working to help people afflicted with Chronic Reversed Polarity to heal themselves, I have noticed that the time it takes for people to complete the program appears to be somewhat shorter than the normal time that I was taught in my training.  
Those with chronic reversed polarity are often coming to us as a last resort, having tried many other medical and holistic remedies. Unfortunately one of the symptoms of it is that their cells are unable to hold the energy of the remedy – be it a medicine, compound or energy work – because their electrical polarity is “switched.” Therefore they only get relatively mild or short-term benefit from the treatment,
Normally, you would expect those who exhibit milder switched symptoms (tiredness, the “sads”, mild joint or muscle pain, foggy-brained, susceptibility to catching colds, unable to lose weight, sleeplessness) to heal at the regular rate of around four or five months.
Those who have more severe symptoms(chronic fatigue; ADD/ADHD; auto-immune conditions such as Lupus, cerebral palsy, MS, and fibromyalgia; gut complaints such as IBD, Epstein Barr, Crohnes’ disease and colitis; or even cancer)  would normally take longer to heal, usually at least six months. 
Karen (names changed to protect privacy) from Boulder, Colorado came to me with fatigue to the point of being constantly exhausted and still tired after sleep, severe depression (she was previously suicidal) and joint pain (rheumatoid arthritis). I set the expectation with her that we were looking at a 6-plus months program for her healing.
However, after just one month she was 50% unswitched and was cruising through her work without fatiguing and with much less pain. After two months she was almost completely unswitched, her overall energy was close to normal, she was free of the depression that had plagued her for years and she had the motivation and inspiration to start writing again, a real joy that she hadn’t experienced in years and she was signed off the program a few weeks later.
Andrea from Fort Collins, Colorado was suffering from very low energy, waking up in the night sweating with anxiety, still tired after sleep, pain in the calves and neck, very painful PMS, cravings for carbohydrates, had gained a lot of weight and couldn’t lose it, was almost constantly sick (catching colds every other week) and was taking medication for depression.
Again, I was expecting a long-term program to heal all of these conditions and my fears were compounded when after one month on the program she seemed to be worse and had a heavy cold, which was possibly even bronchitis, as well as allergy symptoms. However, her energy was stronger and she was waking up better and we determined that she was experiencing a healing crisis as her body was rebalancing itself, which is fairly common.
Amazingly, after just after six weeks she became completely unswitched with very good overall energy, no carb cravings, no depression (was able to come off the medication), free of pain, no anxiety, no colds, was losing weight and had a totally positive outlook.
Ruth, although not officially diagnosed with fibromyalgia, had constant pain in her upper body and occasionally the hands. After three weeks she delightedly proclaimed that she could now turn her head (discovered while backing out of a parking space at the shops) and could breathe deeply without pain. “It’s all breaking loose!” she exclaimed. Inside of one month she was free of pain, whereas many people had previously taken up to a year or more to be totally free of fibromyalgia pain on the program.
The healing of Chronic Reversed polarity cases such as these continues to happen at incredible speed in my practice along with everything else (where did the last year go – it doesn’t seem five minutes since the millennium!)  and whilst not exactly proof of time accelerating, is certainly giving me that impression.