Discover your Healing Hands

Why do we instinctively put our hand to a hurt?  Why does a parent’s kiss make a child’s hurt feel better? These are cellular-level memories that we tap into in times of need. The hands and breath are part of a built-in healing system that everyone has. Most of us have just “forgotten” how to do it. Try this simple exercise to activate the healing centers in the palms of your hands:
Find a quiet spot where you won’t be interrupted for at least 30 minutes, dim the lights, unplug the phone, play soft music, light a candle – make the space relaxing.
Sit relaxed, but with your back straight, hands resting in your lap or on your thighs/knees and take three deep, slow breaths. Keep breathing slowly and deeply. Imagine a large cone coming out of the crown of your head, point down. Now imagine a pure white light beaming down from the far reaches of the cosmos. It is a powerful, radiant light of pure love coming into the cone right down into your head and body.
As you breathe in, imagine that your breath is drawing the light into your heart, filling it with light and joy. As you breathe out imagine that your breath pushes the light through your shoulders, down your arms and out through the center of your palms. Do this for a while until you feel that you have a good flow going. Notice any sensations in the hands, perhaps heat or tingling.
Now put your hands together in prayer-position. Continue to draw the light into and fill up your heart with the in-breath, pushing out through the palm centers with the out-breath. Do you feel anything in the hands now? If they are getting warm you are ready to begin. If you don’t have any sensation, just carry on anyway and the feeling will come with practice.
Continue breathing and channeling the energy in this way and place your hands lightly over your eyes. With the out-breath beam the light out of the palms into the eyes and surrounding area of the face that the hands cover for a couple of minutes.
Repeat for the ears, the top of the head (each side left and right – NOT directly on the crown), back of head, neck/throat, upper chest, bottom of rib cage (left and right side over the liver and spleen), stomach, abdomen, feet and anywhere else you feel needs healing energy.
If you have an ailment or illness pertaining to a specific body part, now place your hands on it and hold them there for as long as you feel necessary (five minutes should be enough, but stay for 15 or even 20 if you feel guided to do so).
When you are finished, come back to the present in your own time, blow on your palms then sweep a hand across your crown to stop the flow in and out. Then slowly drink a big glass of water. This is a very important step. Energy work is thirsty work and you need to replace all the electrolytes just expended.
Congratulations!  You have just completed your first energy healing session. Did you notice anything? Sensations in the hands? In the body underneath the hands? In the space around you? Any heat? Any cold spots? Any tingles?
If you did feel any of those on your first attempt, you definitely have the talent to be a powerful healer or energy worker. If not, don’t worry, just keep trying.  The energy must flow when called, trust that it is there and your awareness of it will increase as your sensitivity improves with practice.
If you have the time to do it every day, you can experience quite wonderful benefits in your health, mental state and even relationships. Once you can easily tune into the energy, life improves in oh so many ways. At the very least it is an excellent de-stressor and relaxor.
If you wish, you can start the session by saying out loud three times: “I call on my guides to aid me with this healing so that I may be healed for my highest good.” See if that feels any different. Try it on your friends and family – just channel the energy into them instead of yourself, but get their permission first. Try it on your pets, too, they will lap it up.
For even better results find try attending a class to on Reiki, Healing Touch or other energy healing system that anyone can learn.
For further info, see the Be A Healer section of this website.