Are You Switched?

Identifying and healing chronic reversed polarity

As an energy worker, I have noticed that while some people readily absorb healing energies and gain immediate and long-lasting benefits, even miraculous healings, some seem unable to take it in or can’t hold it for long, returning to their pre-session state after only a few hours or days.  In some cases, particularly if the person has a chronic autoimmune condition, such as MS, I can feel the energy literally bouncing off them.


I had assumed that at some level they were not yet ready to be healed or perhaps needed their illness to complete a life lesson. That was until I saw a presentation by Keith Smith, a renowned herbalist and iridologist at a metaphysical conference.  Well known for his chapter on healing ADD in the best selling book Indigo Children by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, he described a condition he calls Chronic Reversed Polarity, or “switched” for short, where a person’s energy system has reversed its electromagnetic poles. 
I felt a chill sweep down me when I heard him explain that one of the symptoms of being switched is that a person is often unable to absorb healing energies.  Also, their immune systems are dysfunctional, which can ultimately lead to chronic illness.  In fact, many of the people who come to him are suffering from “incurable” or terminal diseases and have turned to complementary methods as a last resort.
In 25 years of treating over 35,000 switched patients, Keith has had tremendous success in achieving recovery for people who otherwise had no hope, such as auto immune disorders, cerebral palsy, chronic fatigue and ADHD, even turning around many terminal cases.  He believes that 100% of cancer cases, 100% of fibromyalgia cases, 100% off ADD and ADHD cases, and most autoimmune related cases are switched.  Diabetes in a switched person almost inevitably leads to cancer.
The chief cause is stress – typically either a traumatic event or sustained period of pressure – in the same way that if you stress a magnet by hitting or dropping it, its poles will reverse (the positive end will become negatively charged and vice versa) and its energy will drain away. 
If we become switched our energy also drains away but we have the ability to replenish it with food, breathing and sunlight, which slows down the process of depletion.  When this happens, though, the body starts trying to make us do less to conserve our energy.  We may feel more tired than usual, or more susceptible to catching colds.  If we ignore this, it might send us a stronger message, like the flu or mild arthritis.
Eventually we can develop fibromyalgia, MS, Lupus, cancer or other serious diseases.  As the immune system cannot function properly, medicines or remedies have little or no effect.  The first job is to get unswitched before even attempting to attack the disease.
There is a simple method to test whether a person is switched but, as a guide, the following symptoms are typical:
Feeling tired, having no energy
Waking up several times at night
Not feeling refreshed after sleeping
Feeling constantly stressed
Irritability, especially when under pressure
Loss of libido
Susceptibility to catching colds and coughs
Inability to throw off mild illnesses
Short-term memory loss (where did I leave the car keys?)
Felling “fog-brained”
Prone to depression or “the sads”
It is almost impossible for a switched woman to lose weight or become pregnant.  Erectile dysfunction is common in switched men over 50.  If the condition isn’t treated, the person is eventually likely to develop a severe autoimmune condition or even cancer.  If a switched person takes HGH, it will have exactly the opposite effect to what is intended – you will actually age faster!
Thankfully, there is a solution, albeit little known and not widely available.  If the test confirms that you are switched, a remarkably simple course of polarity-balancing treatment will unswitch you.  It is even possible to do the test remotely for people who live too far away to meet in person. 
The solution is a group of herbal compounds, which work on RNA and DNA at the cellular level to bring the polarity back to normal. 
After meeting Keith at the summer conference, I was privileged to be invited for an intense course of one-on-one training at his California clinic, during which we examined dozens of his clients.  Those who had been on the program only a few weeks already seemed to have more energy and the progress of their diseases had been halted.
I saw “incurable” fibromyalgia patients who were now pain free.  One young woman who had difficulty concentrating and had got poor grades all her life reported that she had just received her first ever ‘A’ at school.  Her energy level was up and she was feeling better on all fronts.
Since being on the polarity balancing program, a terminal cancer patient’s tumors had stopped spreading for no reason her doctor could find, and now that she is unswitched, her immune system can function correctly and she is on her way to becoming free of the disease.
One man’s blood platelet count had steadily risen to above one million (about 400,000 is normal) and his doctors could not understand what was wrong with him or find a way to cure it.  After a few weeks on the program, the rapid rise had been stabilized and during the checkup that I observed he reported that his last platelet count had now fallen below a million to 900,000. 
The reversed-polarity test showed he is now “unswitched”, he is feeling much stronger and positive about life and he can make a good recovery now that his immune system is working properly.
I also observed that many of the cases were lightworkers or holistic practitioners like me, and this is apparently a common condition for them.  Being switched, they are essentially doing their work on “dim”.  What wonders could they work if their cells were able to fully hold the light and they were able to continue their work at “full-on”?
In my own polarity balancing practice I am constantly amazed at how dramatically people’s energy levels, joyfulness and positive attitudes can improve in a relatively short time.  I am delighted to see spectacular results in helping to heal MS, depression and fibromyalgia.  Irritable and exhausted people just trying to make it through modern life become more relaxed, energetic and simply happier once their polarity is balanced correctly.