Are You Switched?

‘Switched’ is the casual term used for Chronic Reversed Polarity.  For more on this subject see our section about Chronic Reversed Polarity and the articles section on this website.

These are the main symptoms experienced by people who have Chronic Reversed Polarity

Observations from over 35,000 cases in 25 years:

Low energy and fatigue

Prone to depression or “the sads”
Feeling tired, having no energy
Waking up several times at night
Not feeling refreshed after sleeping
Feeling constantly stressed
Irritability, especially when under pressure
Loss of libido
Chronic fatigue
Polar or bipolar depression

Weak Immune System

Susceptibility to catching colds and coughs
Inability to throw off mild illnesses

Lack of Mental Clarity

Short-term memory loss (where did I leave the car keys?)
Feeling “fog-brained”

Autoimmune Conditions

Cerebral palsy
Crohn’s disease

Gut Problems

Irritable bowel
Epstein Barr

Thyroid Dysfunction



We have never seen a cancer patient who is not switched


Diabetes in switched person inevitably leads to cancer

A switched woman has great difficulty losing weight and becoming pregnant

A switched man over 50 will almost certainly experience erectile dysfunction

Getting unswitched can be successful in helping to heal all of these conditions

Of course, not everyone will have all of these symptoms and even people who think they feel fine can still be switched.  It is believed that more than 40% of people in the western world are switched.

Unfortunately the symptoms progress over time – a little muscle ache now and then can eventually become arthritis, irregular bowel function can become Crohn’s disease, being a little foggy-brained can lead to ADD even in adults, low energy now could be chronic fatigue in the future.

Woodland Wellness is now offering free tests for Chronic Reversed Polarity.  If you think you are at risk use the Contact Us section to schedule a test