Personal and Professional Transformation

Woodland Wellness provides personal and professional transformation programmes to aid individuals and organisations make massive change, reclaim their lives and live the life of their dreams.

We combine studied metaphysical and holistic techniques with down-to-earth practical methods tailored to individual needs. We specialize in healing Chronic Reversed Polarity, Releasing Entrapped Emotions, limiting beliefs and rewiring neurology for success.

Wellness programmes: Overcome fatigue, depression, stress and chronic conditions – when nothing else seems to work. Get your life back and learn how to live your dreams.

Professional programme: Revitalize Your Life, Revitalize Your Business, Boost Your Career – discover how you are self-sabotaging, reinvent your relationship to money and blast through the blocks for long term success.

Practitioner training programmes: Be part of an exclusive team healing Chronic Reversed Polarity, learn how to start and run a thriving holistic practice.

Founded by Keith Corbett, based in Staffordshire, UK we serve clients all over the world.

Hp-0779My Story:  The question I get asked the most is “how did you get into this?” so here is the answer:

I know a lot of my peers have overcome great adversity, returned from near-death and destitution to create a successful life in the end, but I cannot make any such claim. I don’t come from a broken home and haven’t had any serious disease. Actually I had quite a nice life, getting a good job straight after graduating, being well paid for many years, travelling the world and even living abroad for 13 years in Germany and the USA.

Of course, there were challenges, particularly in the work environment where many personalities and politics are at play, but all in all I loved my numerous jobs with a hi-tech global leader and was quite successful. Then one day around the millennium my world was turned on its head….. read more